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Quality Definition
Suppliers of ICRare make promises to sell only three types of products as below to buyers:
1. Original: The parts are from original factory, and the package is not opened or reproduced.
2. Cut-tape: The parts are from original factory but it is packed uncompleted.
3. New-Bulk: The parts are not from original factory and without original package and any defects physically. The functions go on well and prices are promised to buyers the availabilities are over 95%.

The Product Quality Control Plan
ICRare committed the product quality and assures you to purchase the trusted parts with us. Product quality is one of the most important core competitiveness in RareChip. ICRare apply three strategies to ensure our product’s quality.

Firstly, we start from the source of the origins, by selecting our suppliers strictly with three key feature of reliable, creditable and long working relationship with through our supplier network.

In addition, the rigorous management of the transactions, for example, by monitoring the whole process of the transactions from the order confirmed step to the delivering products to your specified address, which will help to deliver goods on time and also the avoidance of the product transfer during the delivering period.

Finally, through the tightly relationship with the third party quality control service, and up to 90 days of the product warrants, assure you to buy the parts with competitive price and good quality.